This week in Japan 2014/8/30-9/5

投稿者: | 2014年9月5日

– Dengue fever has spread to many visitors to Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. This week mosquito carrying active dengue viruses were found in the park, that led it to keep away from visitors.
– Cabinet members of Abe administration were changed for the first time since its kickoff in 2012.
– Asahi Newspaper turned down printing a contributed essay by journalist Ikegami Akira, that criticized the paper’s follow-up action against their 1980-90s reports of so-called Korean wartime comfort women in WWII, that recently Asahi admitted to include false information. Mr. Ikegami reacted it that he would stop contributing his essays to the paper. Asahi finally apologized Mr. Ikegami and posted his once turned-down essay.