This week in Japan 2014/9/13-9/19

投稿者: | 2014年9月19日

– Singer, actress, and politician Yamaguchi Toshiko aka “Ri Koran” passed away at age 94. Yamaguchi was born in pre-WWII Manchuria and got a great fame as a “Chinese pop star collaborating with Japan” in both Manchuria and Japan. But in reality she was of Japanese origin, that had been hidden from the public until the end of the war. After WWII she moved to Japan and resumed her career as a Japanese singer and actress, and from 1974 to 1992 she became a politician that got a seat in Japanese Upper Diet.
– In US Open Tennis Championship, Japanese player Nishikori Kei proceeded to men’s single final, though lost against Croatian player Marin Čilić, that was the first time for Asian male persons to fight a single final in one of four top-grade international tennis championships called “Grand Slam”.
– In Tokyo Exchange the stock price of Sony plunged in the wake of the news that the giant electrical manufacturer was forced to suspend this year’s dividends for the first time in its history.