This week in Japan: 2016/7/30-8/5

投稿者: | 2016年8月5日

– Koike Yiriko was elected for the Tokyo Metropolitan Governor in the election held last Sunday. Ms Koike has experienced her career, such as Minister of Environment and Minister of Defense, belonging to the leading Liberal Democratic Party. But she stood for this election against the will of her party. LDP raised Masuda Hiroya, ex-Iwate Prefecture Governor, as its own candidate but he lost. 4 opponent parties raised Torigoe Shuntaro, famous TV journalist, as their candidate but he was also defeated.
– Sumo wrestler Chiyonofuji (千代の富士), whose real name was Akimoto Mitsugu, passed away at age 61. Chiyonofuji is appreciated as one of the best Sumo wrestlers in late 20th century, who had a long career as a Yokozuna Champion from 1981 to 1991 with victories at Grand Sumo tournaments 31 times.