This week in Japan: 2016/7/9-15

投稿者: | 2016年7月15日

– Media reported that the Emperor uttered his intention to abdicate his throne to a successor in several years while he was alive. But the top officers of Imperial Household Agency said that they didn’t consider any plans of the the future abdication.
– The election of Japanese Upper Diet was held last Sunday. Leading coalition LDP and Komei Party both increased seats. The opposition Democratic Party lost 11 seats. Adding powers that have a positive opinion to revise the Constitution of Japan (LDP, Komei, “Osaka Ishin no Kai”, etc), over 2/3 of Japanese Upper Diet’s seats are occupied by them. It means that the three parties are allowed to propose a revision of the Constitution.
– Lyricist Ei Rokusuke passed away at age 83. Ei wrote the lyrics of the internationally famous tune “Sukiyaki”, whose original Japanese name is “Ue o muite aruko (上を向いて歩こう)”.