New Residency Management System(1): Notification of Moving-in and Moving-out

投稿者: | 2012年8月1日

I’m Sumida Masanori, Labor and Social Security Attorney of Japan (社会保険労務士) and Administrative Scrivener (行政書士).

As you know, a new residency management system for foreigners has started since July 9th
in Japan.
I continue picking up this topic.
This month I explain notifications of moving-in and moving-out.

You foreigners have been registered in Japanese “Resident Registration (jumin toroku [住民登録] in Japanese)” since this July.
It is the same registration system as Japanese citizens.
Your “Registration” is registered in the municipal office where you live now.

When you move out where you live and move in another place in Japan, you must apply for two notifications to the municipal offices: Notification of moving-out
(tenshutsu todoke [転出届] in Japanse) and Notification of moving-in (tennyu todoke [転入届] in Japanse). it is the same as Japanese citizens are required
when they change their addresses.

If you change your address within the same city, town or village then you can apply for two kinds of notifications at once. You only have to go to the municipal office where you
continue to live and apply for two notifications.
But if you move in a different city, town or village then you should firstly apply for Notification of moving-out to the municipal office of your old address, and after that apply
for Notification of moving-in to the municipal office of your new address.
It is ruled that you must apply for them within 14 days after you change your address.
Even Japanese citizens sometimes forget applying for them, in that case they might have more or less disadvantages – for example, they can’t rewrite their driving licenses and health
insurance cards if they don’t apply for their moving-ins and moving-outs.
Foreign people might have more serious disadvantages. If they don’t apply for Notifications of moving-in and moving-out, then that might result in a forced repatriation. (Over 90 day’s neglect of applying for Notifications might force foreigners to have a reason of repatriation.)

So we recommend you foreigners to get precise information about the new residency management system and apply for Notifications within the permitted periods if you change your address.

To apply for Notifications, please take your “Resident Card”(for non-permanent residency people) or “Special Permanent Resident Certificate”(for permanent residency people) to
the municipal offices. Cards are called “Zairyu Card (在留カード)” in Japanese.
It would be safer to take a document or mail in that your old and new addresses are precisely printed.
Japanese addresses are rather complex, so people that aren’t good at Japanese language can easily mistake them and have a difficulty to let officials understand your addresses.

If you move between remote places in Japan and have a difficulty to apply for the Notification of moving-out to the old address, then you can rely on attorneys such as me. Administrative
scriveners (行政書士) are entitled to be a public agent for applying for Notification of moving-out on behalf of claimants.

I wish the new residency management system since this July have a serious influence to foreign people’s life in Japan.
So I wish you foreigners have enough knowledge for it and share it to your near-and-dears.