New Residency Management System(2):Re-entry permit

投稿者: | 2012年9月1日

I’m Sumida Masanori, Labor and Social Security Attorney of Japan (社会保

Two months have almost passed since Japanese new residency management system
started in this July.
According to the new system you foreigners living in Japan are issued your
“Residency Cards (Zairyu Card in Japanese)”.
But I suppose many of you haven’t got them yet but still have got old alien
registration cards.
It’s no problem. Alien registration cards are still available as your ID cards
even under the new system.
When you need to renew your alien cards and take them to Japanese Immigration
Bureau, then you will be issued your “Residency Cards”.

This month I’d like to pick up a topic about the re-entry permit.

Along with the new residency management system, a new re-entry permit system
also began.
If you leave and get back to Japan within 1 years, after this July you don’t have
to apply for your re-entry permit.
Under the new system you can return your home country, for example, without
applying for a re-entry permit every time, if you leave Japan for just a few

But if you leave Japan for over 1 months and wish to get back to Japan after that,
the re-entry permit system remains the same as before.
So you have to apply for your re-entry permit.
Note that if you leave Japan without applying for your re-entry permit and staying
outside Japan over 1 year, then your residency permit in Japan will be nullified.
So please don’t forget to apply for your re-entry permit in that case.

Add to that, under the new system maximum re-entry permit gets longer, from
3 years to 5 years.

I suggest that you foreigners get enough knowledge about the new re-entry permit
system as well as new residency system .

By the way, under the new system you foreigners basically get to be postponed to
claim your lump-sum pension refunds (pension’s lump-sum withdrawal payments) as
long as your re-entry permit is valid.

Next time I’d like to explain that more.