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Please count on us for Japan's pension and tax refund
Please count on us for pension and tax refund

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Sakura saku

Sakura (さくら、桜) is undoubtedly the foremost national flower of Japan.
It rapidly blossoms when a temperature in spring goes up, and after one week’s gorgeous peak it goes away quickly.
In 2018 it opened earlier than usual years.

- taken at the riverbank of Kamo & Ginkaku-ji temple, Kyoto

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Note for over 10 year’s contributors and PR holders | 年金納付期間10年以上の方および永住者の方はご注意ください | 请注意!年金缴纳10年以上、以及日本永住者:
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English dialy
A Zen temple in late autumn
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English video 日本語PV
中文视频(简) 中文視頻(繁) 

Japanese pension (Nenkin) can claim for 10 years contribution.10年加入で厚生,国民年金は請求できます.

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