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Please count on us for Japan's pension and tax refund
Please count on us for pension and tax refund

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Ume blossoms

Ume (うめ、梅) tree came from ancient China to Japan over one thousand years ago. Since then Ume blossoms have been praised, probably next to Sakura (さくら、桜), by Japanese people for its beauty. Ume blossoms open in February to March, that is a forerunner of Japanese springtime.

You can see statues of twin strange creatures in front of Japanese shrines’ gates. They are called Komainu (こまいぬ、狛犬), creatures guarding holy sites inside. Normal Komainus represent (ancient Chinese-style)lions, but there are some exceptions. For example, Inari (稲荷) shrines set statues of foxes at their gates. These foxes are holy guardians of the deity of rice crop.

-Image taken near Kennin-ji, Kyoto

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Note for over 10 year’s contributors and PR holders | 年金納付期間10年以上の方および永住者の方はご注意ください | 请注意!年金缴纳10年以上、以及日本永住者:
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New Era begins
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Japanese pension (Nenkin) can claim for 10 years contribution.10年加入で厚生,国民年金は請求できます.

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