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Fuji (藤, ふじ) is one of the most famous indigenous flowers in Japan.
The original species can be seen in mountains in Japan, but nowadays we can see them in parks and gardens in cities. When cherry blossoms are gone in April, Fuji flowers open.

The original kanji "藤" in Chinese culture indicates vine plants without flowers, but Japanese culture turns this kanji’s meaning into an indigenous vine-like plant with purple or white flower.

We can find many Japanese people who have kanji "藤" in their surnames.
Their surnames derive from Fujiwara clan (藤原氏) - one of the most influential families in Japanese history. Throughout Japanese history Fujiwara clan bore many famous imperial nobles as well as samurai warlords, that makes contemporary Japanese families have surnames with one of Fujiwara’s kanji "藤".

(Oda Mitsuo, YouAT)


In Kyoto cherry blossoms quickly fell away.
It lasted only one week.
Japan is a long archipelago from southwest to northeast, and cherry blossoms move from Okinawa to northern Japan throughout 2 months.
From now on Tohoku and Hokkaido regions are going to see beautiful blossoms.

(Oda Mitsuo, YouAT LLC)


If asked what they imagine about Japan’s springtime, many people will answer the beauty of cherry blossoms.
It is forecast that there will be full blossoms in Tokyo in a few days and one week later in Kanasai area including Kyoto and Osaka.

Full blossoms of cherry trees last only a week. After only one week passes, they start to fall away quickly.
Compared with western roses, what a short period we can enjoy them!
But Japanese people do love cherry blossoms, and do love the short period to enjoy it.
So parks and streets in every corner of Japan are filled by cherry blossoms in this period.

(Oda Mitsuo, YouAT)


- Maebashi District Court issued a judgement that Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Company were responsible for the disaster of 2011 Fukushima Nuke Station and they were obliged to pay a compensation to ex-residents who had lived near the station before the disaster.
- The government decided to file a bill of the act for conspiracy crimes to the present Diets.
- Prime Minister Abe visited 4 European countries, and had talks with President Hollande in France and Chancellor Merkel in Germany.
- Moritomo Gakuen’s president Kagoike was summoned to two Diets and he testified his elementary school problems.


- 6 years passed since 2011 great earthquake and tsunami, that hit eastern Japan on March 11th of that year.
- The government decided to pick up a plan to make Japanese Self Defense Forces withdraw from South Sudan, now being dispatched under the Peace Keeping Operation of UN.
- The employer and labor union of Yamato Transport, the biggest home delivery service company in Japan, agreed a plan to cut its total delivery lots as well as service hours in order to alleviate employees’ excessive labor. Yamato Transport just recently paid its employees "unpaid" wages for the past working hours.
- Actor Watase Tsunehiko passed away at age 72. Watase was featured in many movies and TV dramas, from historical to contemporary themes. He was the young brother of Watari Tetsuya who is still alive, also a famous actor.


- North Korea shot 4 missiles successively, all of that landed nearly just along Japan’s EEZ border off Sea of Japan. Japanese government sent a strong protest to the counterpart.
- Leading Liberal Democratic Party held its party convention and revised its rule, in that one chairman is allowed to preside the party for 9 years, adding another 3 years.


Spring has come in mainland Japan and birds begin to sing here in Kyoto.
Cherry trees are waiting to blossom, that will be fully open in around early April.
It is one of splendid seasons in Japan.

(Oda Mitsuo, YouAT LLC)


- The "プレミアムフライデー(means ’Premium Friday’)" campaign is launched since February 24th. It is a campaign led by the government to urge Japanese governments and companies on final Fridays of each month to end office works by 3:00 PM, whose aim is to make use of weekend days more.
- Automobile manufacturer Nissan announced that its leader Carlos Ghosn would step down its CEO post in April, and he would be only the supreme president of the company after that.


- The supreme president of teetering electric machinery company Toshiba Corporation announced his resignation following a large deficit of this fiscal year, that was concerned to make the company’s debt exceed its asset.
- It is reported that 3 headquarter groups of Japanese employers are to agree with the government’s maximum working hour plan, that basically set employees’ overtime working less than 720 hours per one year.


- It is reported that the expected loss of Toshiba Corporation of 2016 fiscal year amounts to nearly 700 billion yen, that might make this large electric machinery company an excessive debt. The company’s big loss comes mainly from its nuclear plant building business, where it once invested heavily but its outcome has turned out to be miserable after 2011 Fukushima disaster and the following slump of nuclear industry. Toshiba is now planning to spin off its profitable memory chip business.


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