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Please count on us for Japan's pension and tax refund
Please count on us for pension and tax refund

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Visit to Manila

YouAT staff went to Manila in May to attend a business meeting.
While staying we also visited Intramuros, Bay area, Makati, Chinatown etc.
We had hot and sunny days there.
Grab (smartphone application) was very useful to pick up drivers who took us to where we wanted to visit.

(Staff of YouAT LLC)

Pension topics
Note for over 10 year’s contributors and PR holders | 年金納付期間10年以上の方および永住者の方はご注意ください | 请注意!年金缴纳10年以上、以及日本永住者:
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English dialy
New Era begins
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English video 日本語PV
中文视频(简) 中文視頻(繁) 

Japanese pension (Nenkin) can claim for 10 years contribution.10年加入で厚生,国民年金は請求できます.

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