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Please count on us for Japan's pension and tax refund
Please count on us for pension and tax refund

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Japan has "International Social Security Agreement(社会保障協定, しゃかいほしょうきょうてい)" with foreign countries (See the table below)

People whose home countries have "International Social Security Agreements" with Japan are given "Elimination of Dual Coverage". "Elimination of Dual Coverage" is an agreement that prevents people from being enrolled in two countries’ pensions at the same time, and which of pension they are to be enrolled in is decided by conditions ruled by each of agreement.

And some "Agreements" can, according to their contents, give people "Totalization of Periods of Coverage". When "Totalization of Periods Coverage" is applied, people can totalize a period they contribute to Japan’s pension with a period they will contribute (or had contributed) to their home countries’ pensions, and vice versa (*).
(*) Please note that it doesn’t mean that Japan’s pension and other countries’ pensions will be paid at once. Totalizaion of Periods of Coverage can only allow contributors of Japan’s pension to get a qualification for receiving Japan’s old age pension, and they will receive old age pension from Japanese government if they claim it after age 65, according to their contribution to Japan’s pension system.

Contents of "Agreements" vary county by country. So please understand how "Agreement" of your home county is. But we show the list of countries that have "Agreement" with Japan and have "Totalization of Periods of Coverage" in them, as of August 2018.

International Social Security Agreements (As of September 2019)

(Made from a table in Japan Pension Service’s website)

Countries to have agreementsTotalization of Periods of Coverage
United KingdomNo
South KoreaNo
Czech RepublicYes
People’s Republic of ChinaNo

Developments of agreements for countries other than above as of Sep. 2019 are as follows:

*Italy, Sweden and Finland have already signed social security agreement with Japan, but now are waiting for its implementation. When implemented, though, the agreement of Italy won’t cover above "Totalization of Periods of Coverage".

For details of agreements of each country, see this page.


Since July 9, 2012 a new residency management system for foreigners (在留管理制度) has started.

Under the new system you foreigners are registered in the “Resident Registration (住民登録[jumin toroku, じゅうみんとうろく] in Japanese)” at the municipal office where each of you lives.

If you foreigners wish to claim your pension refunds (pension’s lump-sum withdrawal payments) after leaving Japan, then you must nullify your “Resident Registration”. To do so;

Please apply for “notification of moving-out (転出届[tenshutsu todoke, てんしゅつとどけ] in Japanese)” just before you leave Japan, to the municipal office you are registered in.

You can apply for it by yourself / through your public agent. If you leave Japan without applying for “notification”, though, you can apply for it from abroad by yourself / through your public agent too.

YouAT LLC has Sumida Masanori Labor and Social Security Attorney & Administrative Scrivener as one of its members, so we can be a public agent to apply for "notification" for foreigners legally. We can give you services to serve you as a public agent to apply for "notification", no matter how you still stay in Japan or have already left Japan. Basically we set its fee to 5,000 yen.



合同会社YouATは、「住田正則 社会保険労務士・行政書士」が社員であり、転出届の代理申請を行うことができます。日本に在住、または日本から出国した外国人の皆さんのために、当社が代理人として転出届を申請するオプションを提供いたします。手数料は、基本料金5,000円で代理いたします。




合同会社YouAT里有“社会保险劳务士・行政书士的住田正则老师”,可以代办“転出届”。 为了住在日本,或已经离开日本的外国朋友,我们公司提供代办転出届的选项服务,该服务的手续费为5000日元/基本费用。具体说明请查看下面的手续费部分。

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